We help entrepreneurs and small businesses lead visually creative brand campaigns through brand photography + brand coaching. 


brand photography


for brands

Our brand photography services are for personal and commercial brands needing updated headshots, lifestyle brand portraits, marketing campaign images, or product photography. 

With this service, we offer brand photography to help you create visually creative brand campaigns. 

Our coaching for personal and commercial brands consists of a 2-hour strategy session, which caters specifically to aspects of your business. Our strategy sessions are customizable to your needs.

During your session, we will brainstorm and strategize ways that you can achieve your desired goals towards growing your brand.


LaShay is the brand strategist and brand photographer behind LaShay Price Photography based in Columbia, SC. LaShay is also the owner of The Creative Studio Columbia, which is a boutique photography and creative studio that's catered to the growth of other creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.


LaShay has 10  years of marketing experience as well as a unique eye for creativity. This has allowed LaShay to assist both her personal and commercial brands to grow and lead visually creative storytelling imagery. 





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